I don't know why the people believe in God, that is, why believe in someone who killed millions of person? Why believe in someone who lets us die with the excuse of "Free will"? Why believe in someone who doesn't do something for the world? Why your God doesn't free us of the evil, racism, homophobic, pedophilia, murderers, rapers? Why? That excuse of "Free will" will kill all of us.

If we all did what the Bible says, ¿don't you think what the Bible says will kill all of us by its rules? Because the Bible says that God will kill the homosexuals. People who fight with theirs fathers must die. People who commit adultery must die. And tell me, you christian; ¿How many people aren't gays? ¿How many people haven't fought with theirs fathers? How many people haven't commit adultery? If God kill people who fight with theirs father, ¡we all die! who haven't discussed or fought with theirs fathers?

Really? God will kill all of us because we discuss with our fathers? for that stupidness God will kill us? or he will kill us because there are people who are gays? when they don't do hurt.

If you don't believe me, all what I say is in the Bible. Read it. I think what I told "God will kill people who are gays, people who have discussed with theirs fathers or people who have committed adultery will die" comes of the Bible.

Exactly at Levitical, Chapter 20

God doesn't exist

by EsKhaarl


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