She knew she was a dreamer
so she spread her wings
let go of her fears
and learnt to fly.
She watched the world pass by from up above
and her heart was filled with solace.
And she flew and flew because she never wanted to stop.
Because it felt so much better up there.
Because she thought she was free.
She let the wind carry her spirit amongst the clouds.
Yet the wind was what sent her tumbling down.
So she crashed
and her wings tore in places too many to count.
Society laughed at her for ever thinking she could fly.
Society turned its back on her desperate cries for help.
Society left her on the ground, unwilling to lift her up.
Society caged her in a cardboard box and sealed it shut tight.
She tried to fly.
She tried so hard.
And still couldn't.
She wanted to fly
because it was all she ever longed for.
But it’s hard to fly
with broken wings…
She could no longer be a dreamer
so she didn't spread her wings
she drowned in her fears
and never flew again.


by DoctorWhoTARDIS


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