I look at you and all I see is regret.
My mistakes, my inhibitions.
I see all my flaws and eccentricities
Those I desperately try to forget.

I look into your soul
Only to see myself.

Perfectly in sync.
Perfectly in tune.
So perfect I'm nauseated.
So perfect it just can't be true.

I look at you until I can't look anymore.
Until my eyes hurt and my soul aches.
I look at you until I cannot see you there anymore.
Until the very fibre of my being quakes.

I try my best to get away from you.
To be free from your love and existence.
But when I'm away I catch myself craving you.
Despite any and all resistance.

I find my way back to you eventually.
Hoping to feel differently now.
But the truth is,
It's all the same. Nothings changed between us.
Nothing at all.

As we play our parts perfectly,
I dare to look at you once more.
But this time I see something else.
Something that wasn't there before.

No when I look at you all I see is a merry soul.
Looking at me with a zest for life.
A zest that so bright and bold
It's hard to get out of sight.

I look at you more and all I see is hope
A hope that wasn't previously there.
I look into your eyes and see someone look back.
With a love beyond compare.

Your Eyes

by DhariniDilipKumar


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