Everything about you is so wonderfully new.
I stand here mesmerised.
Believe me, what I say is true,

Theres a certain magic in your eyes.

Your hopeful love is unreal and absolute.
Your uncontrolled laughter is infections;
This I promise you.

The way you move is enchanting
It distracts me effortlessly so.
I love you with all my heart.
A love no one else will ever know.

Everything about you is so unique.
You've this unconditional warmth,
It's made of something out-worldly
Its designed to completely enchant.

I stand here in utter consumption
Wanting you more and more.
You are the stuff of dreams, my love;
Of this I am sure.

In this moment of devotion
Allow me to confess to you,
Everything about you is sheer perfection
Your flaws and weaknesses too.


by DhariniDilipKumar


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