There once was a frog that croaked in a tree. His bass sounds echoed. But he, you could not see. He came across a soprano or two, but his destiny, it was not, waiting for little Miss Sue. He jumped and waddled across the trees until that merry day he saw a pond bigger then he. He crawled to the edge and snuck a fly or was it two? He was already in his glory when the ripples chopped into his story. What would do such a thing, he croaked? Before he knew, he was soaked. The wave splashed and he sat there completely wet. For just a second he let it dampen his spirits. She leaned in and screamed "oh my grits." "Is this Prince Charming Momma? Come here, look. Just like you read in that book."
The frog closed his eyes for a very long blink. Didn't know what to do. What was he to think?
"But Momma. I want to keep please, my very own Prince. Please Momma, you said there was a prince who awaits me. Momma!!!" And Momma did step back and wince.
The cute little girl reached out and whispered to the frog. "I will care for you and keep you on your very own log. Please let me hold you. Until the day I kiss you, into my Prince, dressed in blue. I'm not gonna hurt you. I promise. And I will not let anyone neither. That is my wish"
The little girl picked Mr Frog up with her petite little hands. She giggled as Mr Frog extended his sweat glands. She skipped and danced all the way home. Where she said out back by their pond all alone.
"Mr Frog, I dreamed of you ever since Momma read me that tale. I even made you a boat you could sail." Little Sue got out the boat and placed him upon its' deck. Pushed him onto the water, missing the pier and well a wreck.
Mr Frog lived on the outskirts of Little Miss Sue and the pond. He grew up with her and even became fond. She no longer was a little girl. The taller she got, the smaller was his world. Until that second merry day came along. When Mr Frog knew something was wrong. He found her sitting on the log, crying hysterically in the fog. He hopped over to her feet. To see what was the matter. "Oh you're so sweet" Miss Sue did greet. "No one asked me to the ball," she sobbed. Mr Frog knew right then her confidence was robbed. He kissed her toe and before they knew it, Mr Frog began to glow. She scooped him up and pierced into his eye. "Are you for real, Mr Frog do you want to try?" She puckered her lips and closed her lids. She was not pretending, no longer were they kids. One kiss on his cheek, he shined brighter then the sun hidden for a week. A great flash occurred across the land. Mr Frog was no longer in Miss Sue's hand. There before her, he stood. A young Prince dressed in blue. "As you would. Madam." He bent his arm and placed the hand on his hip. Tucked her arm in and began to skip. Her childhood dream was alive and real. Off to the ball they will go, can this end be so surreal?

Mr Frog and Little Miss Sue.

by DayDreamWriter


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