A kiss upon your brow,
Where there snaps a mix of bubbling beaker acid
And a sharp wave of electricity,
Always clicking patterns and combinations together.

A kiss upon your nose,
Long and pointed, held high and proud.
Perfect for nosing in on curiosities,
And wrinkling in clever laughter.

A kiss upon each cheek,
Now sharp and defined with the last vestiges of childhood gone,
Once apple soft and round, now stretching slowly
To cover the cheekbones of the man you'll soon be.

A kiss for each hand,
Fingers not yet larger than mine,
Nails stubby and gritted with dirt, soot, cement
Fingers knowing intimately the workings of machines.

A kiss on each palm,
Still slightly child soft, free of most callouses
With fresh new skin perfect for me to place tender kisses in,
Quiet promises of love, adoration and protection.


by AzerSolis


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