Forget the grand plots!
Intricate lies and strings(machinations)
Making people dance and die and love
In accordance to a faceless puppetmaster

Or the blameless tragedies,
Teaching the fated person
That humans cannot possibly hope to stand
Against such forces,
More than an ant can deflect a boot,
Unless they become something more(less) than human.

The simplest way to make a villain
Haughty and prideful and evil(broken)
Is to take a regular human, man or woman
And to give them something to love,
Something fierce and sweet and true

Grab that budding evergreen fount of hope and dreams,
And wrap a careful hand around its throat, and
BREAK it open
Letting its glazed wide eyes reflect visions of madness
That imprint into their minds, slurping up the goodness
And leaving only jagged pieces of evil and horror behind
Solely to break the world like they were broken in turn

Homemade Villain

by AzerSolis


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