I'm always been afraid to love because I've always believed that it's only gonna get snatched away from me. It's the fear of giving my entire self to a person & then realise that I was never theirs. Walking to work everyday and I see children in the playground, laughing. I just wonder if anyone would snatch their happiness as well? Would anyone adopt a child & then leave it on the streets homeless? You give that child every organ in you. You love it to its fullest w/o expecting any love in return. That child becomes yours even if it's your blood or not because you've chosen that child to become a part of you. Then why do you lovers love & then leave? Why do you lovers give a hope, make a future together, make children together, make a family of your own, have picnics in the summer & then become strangers? Love doesn't die & even if it doesn't return back to you, that person is in you. No matter how dark your home will get, you'll understand that there're still light bulbs in that house which would light up eventually.
-Anandita Sethi

I'm always been afraid…

by Anandita_sethi


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