I always look at him with feelings, butterflies fluttering around my tummy, but he sees me JUST AS A FRIEND!
"Just As A Friend" he says. If I tell myself that he cares about me, it will be a lie because he doesn't. He is a nice guy, better than those whom I've met in past. He smiles on everything, judges people secretly and never hurts anyone, not intentionally. He is straight forward and never shy away when he has to state on his opinion, unless favours are not in his pocket.
I look right through him- the way no one else ever have and ever will, and my eyes scream for his attention but his eyes never met mine. I look at him with feelings while he glances me with understanding. Who says only boys are friendzoned? I'm not a boy
I try everything to get his attention. I'm ready to waste my forever for him, just to be by his side. But things aren't always as they seem. People don't change. Expectations and feeling you have for them might do.
So, if you've fallen for someone, don't expect them to fall for you, too
You might have billions of reasons to love them, but do they have too?

I always look at…

by Anandita_sethi


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