"Make your mind very clear, I am not talking to you now, I have made-up my mind and I expect the same from you. Even if you deny I don't give a damn about it, I just don't care. You can block me from wherever you want but my decision remains the same"

For 10 minutes straight I was staring this message and trying to understand what just happened with me a few minutes ago. This feeling is like where you just get blank and you start crying, it's been a year now since that date. We don't talk anymore. I used to think how I actually failed to make him believe or realise that how much I need him or how much he was important to me. It's Irony, I ignore other people just to talk to him and on the other hand he didn't care maybe. His attention mattered to me the most but now he's gone. I don't know who he was in my life and maintaining a certain belief that some relations need not have names they're just special in a away or other, it's unnecessary to name them just like any art, it's what you feel or what things they get conveyed from it, it doesn't has any survival value but definitely it's one of the things that give value to our survival. Every breath, every second becomes so precious like since all this time it's the only thing you've been waiting for. With his just one text message I used to smile so hard, I used to forget all the bad things that would happen to me on that day. And now it's nothing, everything, like everything just ended in seconds....

"Make your mind very…

by Anandita_sethi


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