"Things aren't meant to last forever"

"Things aren't meant to last forever", he said.
That statement of him just went straight through my chest, two glasses of wine and a few hiccups later I realised how brutally the truth had been served in front of me. But it also makes me wonder on the other hand that how sweet it would even be if it would have been served in a better manner. It makes the darkest corners of my mind to think and think and to think till the extent where the sun meets the ocean and just gets submerged under it, though it never gets submerged, it's like with the passage of time things get subtle maybe, maybe a bit better!?. Tragedies will always be found in the things we love, and we have to see the beauty of leaving, understand it, feel it, the time we realise it happening lightens a fire within us, fire which is enough to burn ourselves too, that moment where we just stand hopeless, wanting to correct things but just can't. And they say life is strange, maybe it's strangely beautiful. It's beautiful to live in a world where nothing lasts forever. And we need to fall in love with the love inside us. It's like I feel that I am destined to chase people till the end of the time. And try to adapt myself into this world, this strangely beautiful world that intrigues me with the passage of time, every night I would try to change myself, stay up late and grow deeper in love. Wanting to love the whole universe, and ironically that universe which just tore me apart a times before, but still my audacity needs to be appreciated for the undying faith upon the universe I possess.
The way to deal with brokenness, even if it's mocking, still mending it and take it's pieces and make it beautiful.
Every morning opening my eyes and seeing so much around me and again giving a chance to this universe to save me. And we all will and have to change but nothing will ever change us like losing someone. The fear conquers us all with the thoughts of being left out. Wondering one day we could be together , and will stick onto each other & catching our dreams within the rage of change. Someday getting all the love that I've been giving away would find its way back, or for the earth has music for those who listen.

"Things aren't meant to…

by Anandita_sethi


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