Morning Person;

Every once in while, I look up at the stars, and I search for you. I used to see you in every dark alley corners and warm rays of light, every greeny shade of the leaves and horizons mirrored by tiny drops of water.

But you are now nowhere to be seen.

And I miss you, like crazy. Although we might never even had a chance - I wasn't blind to the way you both looked at each other - I liked to believe that maybe, just maybe, I had a small chance still at winning your heart. Just like in those books you used to love so much. Or like in those songs we used to sing. We were brilliant.

But while we were stars like those in wich I now seek you, she was your sun. And I knew all too well you were more of a morning person, and there was nothing I could do about it.


Morning Person

by Alviie


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