when did i dare dream of you/
you, the one who would be king, given your physical description.
like king arthur
or any other famous blonde king.
the one who would coax me into experience
and sometimes i wonder if i would regret it.
and sometimes i wonder if we could make it.

when did i dare dream of you/
the one who could rule the world with me
if you could only see me.
i am not an average woman,
nor am i special.
i am just better than most. yes i know
pride is never pretty
but i can't help it; can't you see my surname/

when did i dare dream of you/
the one who would truly turn his back to me
whether we lay to sleep together or not.
you would be the one to go find an average girl and
i would wait for you to see,
see that you were better than them.
but you won't
and by then...
i'll have left you.

when did i dare dream of you/
you. the one who loved me for too long.
the one who tried to impress me,
but was too damn awkward to function.
you. the one who wanted me, but never chased me.
when i am queen and all the others have fallen,
you will see what it means to love me.
by then, you'll be dead, hanging on a wall as a trophy.

when did i dare dream of you/
the one who was mine in another life.
my brother and my lover who was always mine.
in this life, we are siblings in everything but blood.
if only i could've been selfish and have you in this life too.
alas, i will let you go like the pagans do with their dead.
across the river you float and the flames shall consume you.
and i will stand on the bank, until your figure
disappears from my mind.

when did i dare dream of you/
the one who hasn't appeared
and will look like a mythical figure
from a fairy tale.
the one who will taste like the salt from the ocean.
the one who will inhale as i exhale.
the one who is everything i want
and nothing that i can't have.
that one will be mine;
no matter the day.

in the end,
i dream too much.


by AAK


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